We are a mobile entertainment company driven by performance. Business alliances, performance marketing and innovative technology are the three pillars on which we stem our business.

We believe entertainment plays an important role in individual, social and market development. It has always created enjoyment, connections and growth, and is now empowered and extended by the mobile ecosystem. We are a mobile entertainment company driven by performance. Business alliances, performance marketing and innovative technology are the three pillars on which we stem our business.

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Our Mobile Services

MOBISTAR's mobile entertainment portals place a wide and diverse digital media library in the hands of millions. Our subscription products serve games, apps, media and social connections that guarantee a rich all in one exuberant experience. We strive to partner with the most promising and innovative content providers around the world

Premium SMS

Consumers love PSMS: there's no need for time-consuming detail registration or the potentially risky process of passing over credit card details; they are simply charged for sending and receive a premium message. PSMS is convenient and anonymous for users to purchase discretely.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing consists of ads that appear on mobile smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. Mobile marketing ad formats, customization, and styles can vary, as many social media platforms, websites, and mobile apps offer their own unique and tailored mobile ad options.

WAP Marketing

Have you hear of WAP? It's a Wireless Application Protocol which offers services on the Internet with the help of wifi device that runs on WAP protocol. When you have technology that connects mobile communications and the Internet, you know you can do everything.

Bulk SMS

SMS messages can be personalised to the recipient and delivered to their pockets within seconds. They can also be personalised based on the customer's previous buying behaviour and demographics. They can even be location based as well as individually sculpted based on different stores and different regions of the country.

Digital Media

Because with each day there are more and more people that use tablets and smartphones, it's certain that any form of advertising couldn't achieve great results without the help of digital media. Now users can find out all important information about your product.

Content mobile ideas

If you want to offer high-quality content with the right support, you will have to choose mobile ideas. Mobile solutions are right on top in the world of best mobile content. We can provide content which will fit your needs, like games, wallpapers, and videos.


About us

MOBISTAR provides mobile entertainment services, through paid subscription portals, across several continents, with special focus on European and MEA regions.

Achieving a vast number of user subscriptions. We provide premier mobile value added services, including development, management and distribution of content and online marketing, reaching millions of people across the globe.

Our team of international professionals secure that we offer the ultimate quality entertainment in our business sector.

Our work

We are always working hard to help our users, and tending to stay at the top. As a content provider, our mission is to offer top quality content and to make our websites responsive.

Since marketing strategy can increase business growth and make a brand's reputation, it's important to find the right kind of content provider.

Do you want to know how to recognize a good provider? It must have a great understanding of business functions, focus on results and big possibility in traditional content services.

With the emerge of the Internet, content services have become a top priority in leading worldwide organizations. Become part of this business revolution and choose the best.

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  • · Smart global solutions
  • · Best services
  • · The constant growth of applications
  • · Quality customer service

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“The trend has been that mobile was winning. It’s now won.”

- Eric Schmidt -